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Herbs are like the most interesting person at the party. They are dynamic and they bring a complexity of different tastes to our food. Not only do they increase the delectability of our meals, but they are also good for us! Packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can have extremely beneficial impacts on our health. And let’s not forget, they look and smell just as good as they taste.

easy herb to grow - basil

While drying herbs provides convenience and as some would say, is better than nothing, fresh herbs rain supreme. When herbs are dried, it’s true that they become more potent in that you don’t need as much, but they’ll lose some of their flavour and healthy properties. Definitely, it makes us team fresh herbs here at Emerson Wild.

It may seem like a bit of a daunting task but we’re here to report that keeping fresh herbs is just as easy, if not easier than other houseplants you introduce into your home. But with the added benefits. Not only will you be providing yourself with the freshest herb selection for all your cooking and baking endeavours. Furthermore, you can also brighten your décor with soft green hues. Incorporating plants into your environment reduces stress, increases productivity, and can even boost your mood.

fresh herbs to grow

Herbs to Grow

When it comes to growing herbs indoors year-round, you can either keep it traditional with individual pots with soil per herb or by mixing companion herbs together.

Our favourite stand-alone herbs:

Basil – one of the most popular herbs for a reason. Basil enjoys basking in the hot sunlight and being watered frequently. Provide good drainage and you’ll have bright green delectable leaves for everything from pesto to the ultimate tomato companion. Furthermore, it’ll last you a few weeks!

Did you Know? Basil isn’t a long-lasting herb, continue to enjoy it by taking cuttings and placing them in water, or by planting new seeds every few weeks.

Chives – add a bit of an onion kick to your meals and some delicate architecture to your spaces. The tall thin leaves can simply be trimmed as needed. Keep in a bright light and water only when the soil gets dry.

Mint – a hardy perennial with so many varieties to choose from. Mint will grow wildly if cared for properly. Be sure to keep the soil moist and provide moderate to bright light. Trim leaves as needed for teas, cocktails, salads, and desserts.

Rosemary – one of the most fragrant herbs on our list. Resembling a conifer, rosemary makes a statement. Complimenting many meats and vegetables, its versatility is endless. Water rosemary from the bottom up, let it sit in water every 7-10 days. Hailing from the Mediterranean it prefers being toasty in the summer with moderate to bright light, and a bit cooler in the winter.

Thyme – travel the world with thyme, as it can be used in many different cuisines. Water when the top inch of the soil is dry but be sure to use a fast-draining soil. Select a warm sunny location. Enjoy the elegant fragrance and select either an upright or trailing variety.

Lavender – thriving in dry and even poor soil, lavender is a low-maintenance annual that lends a rich pastel purple to your home. This sweet-smelling herb is enchanting and can even help you sleep.

Did you Know? Lavender pairs well with many rich and fatty foods and can enhance the overall flavour of many of your favourite meats.

herb combinations we love

The Best Combinations:

With similar watering regimes and light requirements, these companion herbs will thrive when planted together.

Moisture Lovers – Basil, Tarragon & Cilantro

Mediterranean Muses – Rosemary, Oregano & Thyme

All About Aromatics – Lemon Thyme, Lavender & Lemon Verbena

Where to Grow Your Herbs

We almost immediately associate herbs with the kitchen, it makes sense if you’re planning on using them in your culinary endeavours. And while it can be an excellent home for your herbs, here are a few additional places you should consider:

Your Office or Workspace – boost your productivity, enjoy the aromatics, and liven up where you spend great deals of time during your day.

The Bathrooms – forget about potpourri, if any of your bathrooms have adequate light introduce a herb or two to keep things smelling fresh. Add a spa-like feel to the rooms that you start or end your day in!

In Your Living Areas – herbs bring life to spaces, quite literally. With unique textures, shapes, and sizes, brighten your living areas with edible herbs for a pop of colour and a dash of calming energy.

This year, introduce herbs into your home and we promise you’ll enjoy growing edible plants that stimulate all the senses. Be sure to follow us on our Instagram to stay up to date on all things Emerson Wild. Furthermore, find us on Pinterest, where we are always pinning the latest trends.