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As we prepare to say goodbye to 2022 and ring in the New Year, we want all our readers to feel excitement and enthusiasm for 2023. While many people will set goals, (which unfortunately are abandoned by February), our approach is slightly different. Our New Year preparations consist of reflection, appreciation, cleaning our spaces and setting intentions. One of the main reasons “goals” tend to fail rather quickly is due to poor planning and not having a strong drive to make those changes. It makes sense when this time of year expects resolutions, that not everyone’s hearts are in it.

That being said, we firmly believe that New Year preparations don’t need to be stressful or overwhelming, rather a moment to connect deeply with yourself for a fulfilling experience.  Here is how we’ll be getting ready:

Starting with Reflection

We recommend setting aside a morning or an afternoon, in the days leading up to New Years Eve. Either by putting pen to paper or typing out your thoughts. By writing something down, you’re helping focus your attention on your subject. Answer these questions for yourself:

What are you most proud of from this past year?

What was the biggest challenge you faced? How did you overcome it?

Did you learn anything about yourself this past year?

What new things did you learn (skills, hobbies etc.)?

How did you have fun?

What is something that you want to do differently next year? Here you can expand on things that didn’t work as planned or those things that you believe you can improve on.

Appreciation and Gratitude

Regardless if you feel like you’ve had a good year or it wasn’t your finest, there’s always something to be grateful for. When you practise gratitude, you’ll feel more positive emotions and additionally feel connected with the good people and experiences of the past year. Moreover, it helps you deal with future difficulties and can even strengthen your relationships with those you love.  Ask  yourself the following questions:

What relationships are you grateful for from the past year?

What about this year was better than last year?

How have you been able to help someone this past year? How did that make you feel?

What’s your favourite thing about where you’re living?

Is there a stressful situation that you were able to overcome?

What aspect about yourself are you grateful for?

While this practise is perfect leading up to the New Year, we highly recommend implementing a gratitude journal or journalling in general. It can benefit your mental health, inspire creativity and help show you your own progress.

Cleaning, Clearing and Decluttering

If there’s ever a time to do a deep-clean and decluttering, it’s right before entering into a New Year. There are so many benefits to having clean and cleared spaces. For starters you’ll feel refreshed, more motivated and the air quality in your spaces will be improved. Being intentional about what you keep and what you let go of will additionally help you focus on who you want to be and what you want out of the following year.

And while much of this process is about what you remove from your home, there is one thing we always recommend adding into your spaces. And that’s houseplants. Read about the 5 Houseplants We Welcomed into our Homes this past year and all their benefits.

Setting Intentions

Intentions and goals are not synonymous. Setting a goal is creating a target, something that you want to do. On the other hand, intentions focus on who you want to be. How you want to go about in your daily life. If you’ve struggled with attaining certain resolutions in the past, we recommend trying out intentions. They’re almost a precursor to setting goals.

For example, an intention that leads into a goal could be “I want to feel strong and confident in my body” which could then translate into a goal of “taking a walk at least 3 times a week.” If you’re new to setting intentions here are a few that we will be putting into place in 2023:

“I will be intentional with my time, energy and relationships” (Setting boundaries is something we’ve been learning about recently, and this will be a main focus point in 2023, protecting your energy and peace with a stop-list rather than a to-do list!)

“I intend to be in tune with the moment and provide my full attention to what I’m doing and who I am with.”

“May I remember to see failure as a step forward and to praise my progress.”

“I plan to prioritize rest and balance.”

“I intend to lead by example.”

Focus on what brings you joy out of life, the things that will prioritize your happiness and wellness. And above all, remember that intentions are meant to be flexible!

We here at Emerson Wild, hope that your New Year preparations allow you to connect with yourself deeply and provide you with excitement for 2023. We wish everyone a very Happy New Year. If you haven’t yet subscribed, sign up for our email list to receive exciting news and updates from us in 2023. Additionally, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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