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Every year we look forward to curating and honing in on the fall feeling. Something we can’t quite describe or define fully. It’s not just the sights and smells of this time of year, but more so an entire shift. We align with nature during this time of year, by introducing all kinds of natural elements into our spaces. With intention and mindfulness we can create a feeling that lasts the entire season. This year our annual shift will see the introduction of a warm modern aesthetic. The “golden fields” ideal which conjures images of softer hues, elevating our spaces with natural elements and celebrating the season of abundance and togetherness. In addition it focuses on a simpleness that can be savoured.

Curating the Fall Feeling | Emerson Wild To achieve our golden fields aesthetic, we will look to incorporate and introduce:

Softer Hues and Natural Elements

This Autumn we are feeling a particular affinity towards wheat. From its delicate pale yellow, to the soft head. Paired with other dried flowers, like strawberry sunflowers, golden protea roses, preserved hydrangeas and seeded-eucalyptus for decor and tablescapes that are effortless and heavenly. If possible head to your nearest rural area to support a local farmer or florist.

Local Market Hopping

Imagine a bright, crisp morning. With lattes in hand you set off for a local market filled with the work of local artisans and craftsmen. You spend a slow, morning searching for handcrafted products and designs. A pleasurable time spent together; sourcing wooden charcuterie boards, small-batch scented soy candles, microplaids and original artworks that our fall feeling calls for. Albeit sometimes it can be more expensive, however, it speaks to sustainability in a intentional way as these handmade products tend to have smaller carbon footprints. You support your community by investing in unique, one-of a kind products. Plus, it is a way to support creativity and passion all while adding a personal touch to your spaces.

Fall Inspired Crafts | Emerson Wild
Golden Fields Inspired Crafting

Connect with your both your inner child and return to nature with a foraging adventure that turns into a crafting session. If you have kids then they’ll definitely appreciate these adventures and activities. However, if not you’ll feel the benefits of a prolonged period outdoors yourself. In particular, look for interesting leaves, beautiful branches, dead and dried foliage and seed heads/pods. Try your hands at botanical arrangements or craft your very own leaf stamped prints or even stamp linen napkins. Create a cozy aesthetic that is whimsical and fun (and very reminiscent of early school projects).

Rich Natural Tabletops

Richness in colour, materials and textures. Tablescapes that speak to the season, displaying burnished browns, golden yellows, pale beiges and rich terracottas and toned oranges. Speckled neutral ceramics paired with coloured glassware on tablecloths of linen and microplaids, decorated with dried floral elements and woven points of interest. Gauze cotton napkins that can be set out with a single knot for a rustic look. Did you know creating your own gauze cotton napkins is super easy? Simply find unbleached cheesecloth in either a #60 or #90 grade and using a fabric dye and a big bucket plus 30 minutes of your time you can create this beautiful and easy addition to the golden fields table.

Blushing Pumpkins | Golden Fields | Emerson Wild

Blushing Pumpkins

Contrasting the neutral palettes and rich browns of our golden fields aesthetic, our pumpkin and gourd selections will favour blush shades with the introduction of creamy white pumpkins for a visual pop. Look for varieties like “fairytale” or “porcelain doll” to achieve the gentle contrast that will tie everything together. Ps. where possible, determine if any of your pumpkin varieties can be further used for any cooking or baking, at the very least most pumpkin seeds can provide a healthy treat. To learn a little more and for on-season reading, enjoy Pumpkins 101: The Basics.

Preserved Botanicals & Wreaths

Cultivate visual interest in either an arrangement using your favourite vessels. Or craft a wreath that will welcome all. When working with preserved botanicals, you’ll create a display that will feel freshly picked from the fields. Play with colours, textures and scents for that full Autumnal feel. We love dried grases, maple, beech, salal, sallflower and dried grapevine to name a few. Working dried elements additionally means you can slowly build a sustainable collection year after year, and can try different combinations.

May your personal curation of your fall feeling reconnect you with nature and leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied with the season. Above all, enjoy the season. Plus, if you’re looking for inspirational reading material, check out The Wild Blog, for more on all things garden and lifestyle. In addition, we’d love to connect, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!


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