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“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”- Edith Sitwell

Natural Simplicity | Holiday Theme | Emerson Wild

The holiday season can at times feel like it’s too much. There’s an expectation for more and more. Commercialism seems to take centre stage. And you’re often left with bit a of burnout, a sense that it went by so quickly and even financial pressure. Painted this way, we can understand why so many people begin to feel frustrated and have an urge to step away. Our response however, is rather to take a step back and enter the holiday season with natural simplicity in mind.

This idea not only embraces what we fill our homes with, but also what we attempt to focus on: meaningful connections, gratitude and the little joys. Align with the natural simplicity in two main areas: in your homes and outside of them.

Achieving Natural Simplicity:
In the Home 


Focused on deepening and celebrating our connection with nature. Firstly, we highlight the beauty of nature with Winters’ best greenery boughs, earthy elements,  warming and inviting nature-based palettes and foraged finds. Consider pairing pines, cedars and junipers with seeded eucalyptus in vessels or olive leaf in garlands. Heavenly pairings that will look just as good as they smell. Incorporate pine cones and bare architectural branches sourced from the outdoors to display a simplified elegance. Additionally, consider warmer tones like shades of java-brown, deep, earthy greens, creamy, delicate whites and bursts of berry reds. Combine together for an effortless earthen-aesthetic. 

Little Loves:

  • Embroidered artisanal pieces like stockings, napkins and pillowcases
  • Reclaimed wooden pieces, bells and rustic ornaments (like the Gold Bell with Twine Pictured above)
  • Sherpa tree skirts, neutral wooden garlands and tree candle lights
  • Handmade gingerbread “houses”, paper snowflakes and salt-dough clay

DESIGNER TIP: Working with fresh evergreens can be hard as they are a living things susceptible to drying out or losing their needles. For best results, we recommend: keeping them in floral foam (where possible), daily misting and most importantly keeping them away from direct, hot sunlight. Whereas for garlands, consider using a desiccant or even hairspray at the end of your branches to help lock in the moisture and prevent drying out.


Ask yourself, “what is the most impactful aspect of the season?”. Think back over your life, even to when you were a child. We find that the answers tend to have a reoccuring theme. Meaningful time spent together, experiences with loved ones that translated into core memories. You can focus on activities that can be done together. Getting ready to decorate? Forage some greenery or earthen elements. Then arrange vessels together. Preparing presents for loved ones? Craft, create or come up with joined experiences rather than material things. Wrapping gifts? Brainstorm on what alternative eco-friendly materials you can use in lieu of traditional wrap (we recommend recycled paper, fabric wraps or vintage tins).

When you make this shift, you’ll slowly start to feel bursts of joy. Without a doubt, the idea of natural simplicity is an uncomplicated approach that soothes the soul. There’s less pressure and your focus can be attuned to what you really want out of this time of year.

Outside of the Home

Christmas Wreath | Emerson Wild | Natural Simplicity Holiday Theme

Seasonal Trimmings

Tis’ the season to come together. As you welcome more guests into your homes, remember that the natural simplicity theme begins outdoors. Therefore, we aim to transform our spaces by the addition of natural elements to create cozy and warm areas that embellish the natural and organic spirit.

Again, we love to incorporate greenery, not only for its aromatic properties (who doesn’t love the scent of fresh winter greens?) but for the truly timeless look. Whether with garlands or fresh wreaths (read about our current love for boxwood) or with perfectly curated container gardens, it’s that subtle simplicity we look to amplify. If you’re looking to create your very first winter container garden or if you establish one each year, we invite you nonetheless. Follow our guide to make our “Enhancing Winter’s Natural Splendor” Container garden, a seasonal celebration that is beautiful and breathtaking.

Little Loves:

  • Brass or copper vintage bells, natural weatherproof burlap with tartan patterns and frosted foliage
  • Simple grapevine wreaths decorated with greenery and “snow-dusted” pine cones (take a look at the image above)
  • Curly willow branches, oversized nuts and bursts of colours in berries and large foliage
  • Copper lanterns and reclaimed wooden decor pieces (support local when searching for these pieces)

May the idea of natural simplicity help you experience this holiday season differently this year. We hope it will bring you joy and a warm comfort that is sustainable and long-lived. And, as we slowly begin to think about the upcoming year, read about the four things we do to prepare. For additional, easy and insightful reading, check out The Wild Blog, for more on all things home, garden and lifestyle. Lastly, we’d love to connect, if you don’t already, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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