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There’s a charm, an alluring beauty to a home that welcomes you with a wreath. Each year we select decor that aligns, that celebrates and reconnects us with the nostalgia of this season. We tend to gravitate towards the less is more mentality, aiming to always incorporate the beauty of nature with pieces that are simple, yet say a lot. When it comes to welcoming the holiday season and spirit this year we are turning our attention to fresh boxwood wreaths. Rich greens, glossy and intricate leaves, boxwood pairs effortlessly with just about everything and creates a clean, polished look.

A Long and Symbolic History

It’s not just in the last hundred years that wreaths have made an impression on us. Rather, thousands. Not necessarily associated with any particular holiday season, instead, displayed, gifted and celebrated with for various occasions. Originally, it was the Ancient Greeks who first created wreaths from their harvests (think wheat!) in hopes of successive bountiful seasons. Romans decorated their homes but also adorned wreaths as symbols of victory, honour and celebration. Eventually, in colder parts of the world wreaths began to be associated with winter festivals (like the solstice), symbolizing both hope and rebirth. Evergreens are seemingly everlasting; they speak of endurance and have always been a reminder of resilience.

Something to think of for us as well, to reflect on the resilience of the evergreens. As we wrap up another calendar year, take a moment to ponder your achievements, both small and large. And whenever you see your boxwood wreath, may it spark hope for the promise and excitement of the next year.

The Benefits of Fresh Greenery 

Organic and authentic. While faux counterparts can be quite convincing, they can never be the real thing. A fresh boxwood wreath has a subtle yet pleasant fragrance that will create a memorable welcoming experience every time someone walks through the door. Scent is strongly associated with our memories, effectively helping you create strong memories of the holiday season.

With fresh boxwood you can provide some occasional TLC, with regular light misting, thus keeping the leaves bright and vibrant. If any foliage fades slightly faster, simple snip out the drying or browning pieces. When properly cared for, these wreaths can last the entire winter season until they are ready to be composted. The latter being another reason we love fresh, that at the end of the season we can sustainably recycle the organic material (something that can’t be said about plastic options).

The Perfect Boxwood Wreath

While all boxwood wreaths are beautiful, not all are appropriate for every door or space. When selecting the right wreath for you, these are the elements we think are important to consider:

  • Door Dimension & Proportion: Your wreath should cover about 2/3 of your door. It’s enough to make an impact without looking oversized or too busy. To determine your ideal size, simply measure the width of your door and multiply that number by 0.67 to determine how many inches/cm you should be looking for.
  • Visual Impact: Hang your wreath at eye-level for a stunning visual impact and optimal visibility. Partner this with practicality and make sure that your wreath will not be hitting against or blocking anything essential in your front walkway.
  • How it Will Hang:  Or better yet on what will it hang? Does your door already have something that will easily allow you to display this wreath? Or will your wreath need to be attached with string or ribbon? Consider a “hanging plan” or be sure to know the answer to this question before bringing one home.
  • Additional Colours: The greens of boxwood are joyful and vibrant. A fairly safe selection for looking good in any space. Some wreaths however, may have additions like berries, ribbons or other foliage. Keep in mind the colours of your entryways to keep a cohesive palette.

Boxwood Wreaths | Bow Placement | Emerson Wild

The Final Touch

There’s nothing we love more than a beautiful bow, for us it’s the final touch. We love the versatility, from the selected material to the colour, a bow ties together a visual aspect of your holiday decor and ties the outdoors with the indoors. Opt for a weatherproof burlap with a neutral tartan pattern for a classic aesthetic. Our simple formula is as follows:

  • Prepare the Ribbon: Whether you’re going for a simple bow tie or a multi-loop tie, create it first and be sure to have enough ribbon before cutting. Leave enough room for visually appropriate tails, desired fullness and point of attachment.
  • Secure a Centre: Using floral wire or a twist tie, be sure to have a centre section that will stay secure for either attachment or fluffing
  • Make Tails: Traditionally tails are created with two long points and a v-shape in the centre. To achieve this, fold a portion of the end of your ribbon in half then cut from one side to the end on the other side. You can experiment with different lengths and angles to match your overall aesthetics.
  • Attach: Again using floral wire or a longer twist tie, firmly attach your ribbon to the wreath. Once hung, open and close your door firmly to ensure that the ribbon is secure. Tuck in and conceal any wiring for a clean overall look.

Designer Tip: When it comes to bow placement, we love an attachment at the top left (see image). It deviates from the standard enough to draw attention while still displaying an elegant and classical presentation.

May a boxwood wreath both welcome and embody the spirit of this magical season. If you want to embellish your home more on the outside, read about our Winter Container Garden . And if your need additional inspiration for inside your spaces, review our 10 of our Favourite Holiday Botanicals (which additionally make thoughtful gifts). For additional, easy and insightful reading, check out The Wild Blog, for more on all things garden and lifestyle. Lastly, we’d love to connect, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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